Diamond E Ranch is home of horseman Jon Ensign, who offers training for horses and colts alike. Jon Ensign has over 30 years experience working on refining his horsemanship to better himself as a horseman, and the horses he’s graciously able to work with. Whether it be starting a colt, re-starting a broke horse, or giving lessons, Jon is eager to help the horse and human operate in unity together.

Jon believes the best place to help the horses is out in open land. As soon as the horses he is working with are ready to leave the barn, he rides out and exposes the horse to as much as possible; crossing water, seeing wild life, moving cattle, roping.

For more info on Jon Ensign and his accomplishments, click here.

Please contact the ranch to chat about a horse you are interested in putting in training. We would love to hear about your horse, and you as a rider. So we can look at our availability and make a plan that suits you best.

  • For 30 days of training at the ranch with Jon Ensign : $1500.00. This includes full board.  (60 day minimum for un-started colts)

  • For private lessons : $65 per hour.

  • For group lessons : $40 per hour, per rider- three person minimum.

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